Friday, May 16, 2008

New Car seat

For the last few months Sophie has been complaining that her car seat is uncomfortable. We didn't take too much notice since she has never liked being in the car so we thought this was just another ploy to get out of yet another car trip! (Poor honey, being the youngest of 5 she spends half her life strapped into her car seat being shuttled from one event to another!)
Anyway, yesterday I took a good hard look at her and realized that she had outgrown her baby car seat. Off to the Baby Factory we went to upgrade to a booster seat. They had a fine collection to choose from but Sophie only had eyes for one - this hot pink "Dora the Explorer" model. Well, It was $30 more than similar non-pink, non-Dora models but Sophie was adament, NOTHING else came close to this feast for the senses. To cut a long story short we are now the proud owners of a bright pink booster seat and Sophie can't wait to get into the car! - I wonder how long this novelty will last for?

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