Monday, June 9, 2008

Jaime's farewell band concert

Jaime is off to Sydney next week with the Westlake Concert Band. He is excited but I think a little nervous about being away from home for so long (two weeks). He is a real home-body and loves his creature comforts (Hmm wonder who he takes after with that one). Anyway the band gave a 'farewell' concert on Friday and they were really awesome. Great choice of music and some very talented players. I was one proud mama.

We had two concerts in one day on Friday. Natalie was in the Corelli lunchtime concert dancing her jazz ballet solo for the first time. She looked so cute and did a great job with some difficult pointe work. We also got to see the 'Sunflower' painting that she has been working on in art for the last 8 weeks and it is absolutely stunning. I managed to get a photo of her standing next to her painting in her jazz costume.

The rest of the weekend sped by at its usual hectic pace. Saturday was filled with soccer. i took my camera to jaimes matches this week and managed to get some decent shots of him in action with the Westlake 15 A1 team.
Sophie was dragged around from one match to the other (as always) but she managed to entertain herself on the running track at the millenium centre and with Adam at Wainoni park. (adam was sick with a bad cold and an asthmatic cough so he didn't play soccer this weekend)

I love watching the older kids playing with Sophie. They have so much patience and never seem to tire of entertaining her. She is one spoiled little munchkin.

On Sunday Natalie wanted to do 'something exciting' that we don't normally do. Her first suggestion was Rainbows End but the cost and the weather put a stop to that one. Next she suggested Ice skating. Brrr I don't think so, not in this cold winter weather. Finally we decided on 'Paint the Earth'. We took Chris to work then Natalie, Sophie and I headed over to Takapuna. Natalie spent 2 hours painting a 'Froggy' money box. She did a fantastic job and was so proud of herself. sophie painted a little plate and put a 'strawberry' stamp in the middle of it - too cute, then she spent the rest of the time making a huge mess and painting everything that was within a 5 metre radius around her. It too me longer to clean up after her than it did for her to paint her plate LOL.

In the afternoon I finished my entry for the second challenge in the So You think You can Scrap competition. It was pleased with the finished result. Adam had recovered sufficiently to have his girlfriend Nicola, over for the afternoon, Chris was still at work, Jaime thought about doing his homework but didn't actually start until around 8pm instead he watch a movie on SKY with Mark, Natalie made a card and Sophie slept for two hours (bliss!)

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