Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jaime passed his driving test!

Yep, its official, he now holds a restricted licence. Jaime's the most sensible level headed 15-year old that you could ever meet but I still go cold at the thought of my boy out there driving all alone on our busy roads. In the UK you can't sit a driving test until you are 17 so the fact that in NZ you can pass at 15 came as quite a shock to me. Jaime is thrilled, ofcourse. the icing on the cake is that he passed before his older brother Chris. Chris showed no interest at all in learning to drive until Jaime started to learn when he turned 15. Jaime was determined to pass before chris and he did. Chris is doing his test on Wednesday and is under alot of pressure now to pass! Luckily Chris is so easy going that he really takes everything in his stride and stresses about nothing!

When we got home from Jaime's test I sent him on his first solo drive to get groceries from the dairy - and took some photos of his first trip alone. Yesterday he drove to Devonport behind me to watch Chris's soccer match and today he drove himself to school and back for band practice. Now all we need is a third car for the two boys to drive!
Chris played soccer for the North Shore reserves team yesterday. He had the match of his season scoring 3 goals and setting up a 4th from a beautiful corner kick. At one point his team were losing 4-1 and Chris managed to get the final score back to a 4-4 draw giving the reserves their first point of the season.
The Westlake ball was last night. Chris didn't have a date this year but he went with a friend of a friend. I went along to the preball to take some photos, although I didn't manage to get many good ones. Chris looked amazing in his suit, new $100 black shirt (which he bought himself) and new purple silk tie. These occasions are always bittersweet for me. I am so proud of the young man that he has become yet miss the little boy that he once was. the years go by far too quickly. He really enjoyed the ball and said that it was worth the huge amount of money that it cost him!

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