Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sophie's photos

We went to the beach to take some 4-month photos of Benji yesterday (I cant believe that he his already 4 months old. Time really does fly). I didnt have too much luck as it was so sunny that ha didn't weant to look up at me too much. Anyway before we left I handed the camera to 4-yr old Sophie. Here are some of her photos. I think they are quite incredible (We took the first one using the timer). She had such a ball taking them that now she wants her own camera. Hmmmm have to think about that one.


tilly said...

Sophie your a natural they are great photos you may have to see if santa has a camera maybe a disposable one as a stocking filler..
Congrats on your dt post at rasberry too Sarah..

Sarah said...

Thanks Tilly - Santas already on to that one ;)

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