Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pink Ordinary Milk :)

I have wanted to do a page about this subject for ages. Benji calls milk from the carton 'ordinary milk' and he names flavoured milk according to its colour. Chocolate milk is 'brown ordinary milk', banana milk 'yellow ordinary milk' and his favourite strawberry milk is 'pink ordinary milk'. I wanted to record this as it is one of those many super-cute things that toddlers say that get forgotten with the passage of time. The challenge this week at the MME blog is to scrap a 'boy' theme with 'girlie' papers and embellishments or vice versa. I thought that this was perfect for my 'pink milk' theme. I used the Miss Caroline' paper collection mainly with a little 'Be Amazing' for contrast. I made a collage of background papers and tage and united them all with a coat of dry brushed gesso. I love this tecnique as it really does unite different elements together. I added two large flowers, a very 'girlie' brad and a little bakers twine. I handwrote my journaling to go along with the challenge at  Soul Scrappers by the amazingly talented Natalie Elphinstone. I love Natalie's work and her challenge was right up my alley - simply to add at least two sentences of handwritten journaling to your page. I often hand-journal (i'm too lazy to do anything else!) and for this page I wanted to add quite a lot of words to explain the story behind my title and photos.
I really like the finished page and feel very smug to have finally recorded the story lol :)


Lizzy Hill said...

I like it too! Love that chicken wire behind & those hexagons! Great story...so good to get these stories down before they pass & you forget:):):)

julie e said...

This layout is gorgeous! I love the layering and mix of colors and textures.

Erin Blegen said...

This is awesome- that brown twine? LOVE it! Fab masking, love your journaling- just a work of art!

sue said...

Fabulous layout and a very cool story to remember in 30 years time!! :)

Chantal Vandenberg said...

So cute!!! I love your page and your hand writing (or printing I should say!) is super cute and I like hand writing much more anyway - more personal - just like if you get a handwritten letter, much nicer than just off of the computer. That's my humble opinion anyway.. LOL! Super work! :D

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