Sunday, January 17, 2016

Project life 2016 - first three pages!

I haven't been doing many conventional pages recently - instead I have been concentrating on my project life pocket albums.

I feel that these are the albums that my family love the most. They record our day to day lives in detail and my kids adore leafing through them re-living our memories.

This year I have decided to cut back on my conventional scrapping to spend more time with my family who are growing up at an alarming rate! But I do intend to keep up to date with my pocket pages and I would like to continue to share them here on my blog.

These first three pages begin my 2016 album. We have just returned from our family vacation so I am catching up with all the photos that I took !!! I usually try to stick to one double page each week in these albums but special occasions obviously require more! My albums are very photo-orientated. I usually have a hard time deciding which photos to include - they all tell our story! Decorated pockets with no photo are a rarity in my albums! My pages tend to end up very busy with a lot of journaling. I love to write directly onto my photos or use journaling cards and stickers.

Hope you enjoy this little peak into our family life at the beginning of 2016. I hope it will be a great year for us all.


Lizzy Hill said...

With life comes change and decisions etc. I'm SO glad you'll still be scrapping & sharing your pages. I LOVE looking at what your lot are up to & man! SO many GREAT photos in here. Hate to know what ones you've left out!!! I can imagine how the family would adore looking back at your albums.....good call!!! Keep 'em coming, puleeze! My favest one is the girls with their legs up in the air 'dancing' on the beach. That's way cool:):) Oh, and good on Daisy not having too many accidents. She's a great little 'baby' by the sounds of things!!!

sue said...

Lovely pages and photos, Sarah!!! When you have so many photos and family memories, you can never scrap enough! PL is the best way to do that. Emma is our PLer, so has this covered for most of our family and we are just getting my DIL started as well! Have a great year and I look forward to seeing your photos!!
Cheers :)

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