Wednesday, July 18, 2007

18/7/07 Post surgery update

Jaime's surgery went well although his gums look really sore. He is angling for another day off school tomorrow. I think he will be well enough to go though, specially since I have another medical appnt. this time with Adam for his sore ankles and after that a parent interview at Adams school.
Sophie is acting so cute at present. Even when she is having a tantrum she is adorable. If she does something wrong or doesn't get her own way she runs away to hide behind the curtain. She spends her days singing and dancing. Her favourite songs are 'The quartermaster's store' and all the songs on her "Fairies" CDs. She belts them out - loudly and mostly in tune! This week she has missed having Natalie all to herself. The school holidays have just finished and Natalie is back doing ballet at Simon's studio until 8.30 four nights a week. It makes for such long days for her and Sophie hardly has any time with her. Still, the boys do try to compensate and are more than happy to entertain her (especially if there are other less pleasant chores to be done!)
Time to go to bed and get some beauty sleep. Sophie didn't have a nap today which means that I didn't get a break either!

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