Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well jaime did go into school today - for about an hour. I got a call from the nurse to say that he had fallen playing rugby in PE and had injured his shoulder. I went along to pick him up and found a very sore, folorn looking boy waiting for me. He had definitely done something major to his shoulder. We headed straight to the A + E and to cut a long story short an x-ray showed a fracture of his upper humerus. Jaime was thrilled at the prospect of time off school but devastated by the news that there would be no soccer (or other sports) for 6 weeks! He now has his arm in a collar and cuff sling and already has managed to work out how to use the X-box control!
Meanwhile Mark cancelled his afternoon clinic to take Adam to the Orthopaedic specialist. They left with a diagnosis of 'Severs disease" and an appointment to have a heel support fitted for all his shoes. Apparently this is a common diagnosis in kids who play hard-out sports all year round because it puts a lot of trauma on the developing growth plates in the ankles. Two of Adams United soccer 1 NZ rep team soccer collegues have already been diagnosed with this condition.
They say that trouble comes in 3s. I hope that Chris's cold counts as the third bad thing to happen in our family today!

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