Monday, September 17, 2007


What a great few weeks Adam has had. First his team were runners up in the AIMS soccer tournament in Tauranga and he was chosen as one of the tournaments top players. Then he participated in the North Harbour science fair and won an award of distinction and the statistics prize (a $60 warehouse voucher). His Birkenhead soccer team WON their metro premiere division league. They beat second place getters Clendon by 7 points and only conceeded 2 goals all season. This makes them amongst the best under 13 teams in NZ. Adam was recalled to trial for the Westlake sports academy and was told that he played amazingly. Finally this weekend he trialled for the US1 National team and has been successful. He is one happy - and tired - young man.
Natalie did her grade 4 NZAMD ballet and jazz exams last wednesday. On Friday she got her results - distinction for ballet and high honours for jazz. She works so hard at her dance that she really deserved her amazing grades. On Tuesday we drove out to Titirangi with Penny jenkins for Taylor and natalies tutu fitting. The tutus are royal blue and will look fabulous on both girls when they are finished.
We have all been a bit sick with colds and Jaime, Chris and I have had a lingering tummy bug. Sophie summarize it last night saying "Day-day gave his cold to Tissy, Tissy gave it to Natalie, Natalie gave it to mummy and mummy gave it to me so I'm not a very happy girl!" So cute!
I had my first design team meeting with the girls from NZ scrapbooking. It was really fun. They are a great bunch of girls and I think it will be a fun year. I have had several more layouts accepted by Scrapbooking Memories over the last few weeks which is always good!
Chris has been told that he will be on the tournament team for the Napier nationals but he isn't on the starting line up as yet because he has missed too many games through injury. Yesterday he set out to remedy that. His new girlfriend Tammy came to cheer him on and he played an absolute blinder of a game. He scored two goals - one within 2 minutes of him being put on the field! It was a real boost to his self confidence which had taken a bit of a nose dive towards the end of the season.

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