Wednesday, August 8, 2007

9/8/07 Gala concert - Westlake

Last night was the Westlake gala music concert. Wow, was there some talent - including ofcourse my boys. Jaime played in Big band, Concert band, Symphonic band and sang in Voicemale. Chris sang and was a stage helper. I was so proud of them both. Jaime looked really happy and actually smiled on stage WOW. Sophie was too cute watching. She danced, waved her litle hands around and was absolutely delightful. When she caught sight of one of her brothers on stage she yelled "go Kissie" or "go Day-day" as loud as she could. Everyone smiled at her.
In the afternoon I took Natalie and her friend Taylor tutu shopping with their charming ballet teacher Ms Jenkins. We drove all the way to Titerangi and got a bit lost on the way. When we finally made it to the tutu makers house we spent a delightful hour choosing tulle, velvet and gold trims. The girls were in heaven! Penny Jenkins was lovely company and I throughly enjoyed the trip. Even Sophie had a fun time and enjoyed doing a wee in a new toilet!!! (The toilet training is going great).

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