Monday, February 25, 2008

wild weekend


Saturday was so stormy - but still really hot. We drove down to the beach and the waves at Murrays Bay were just enormous. Kids were having so much fun out in the surf, but it was way two wild for my girls (and me). Instead Natalie and Sophie dressed up in togs and gum boots and we went down to Wainoni park to play in the water fountains there. The girls had a ball spraying each other with water and sliding down the wet and super-fast slide. Mark and the boys settled on a more sedate activity - movie watching. They went to see "There will be Blood". I think Adam found it a bit hard going though.

On Sunday Nats met up with her friends at the mall and Adam met up with Nicola (his girlfriend). In the afternoon Sophie napped and I managed to finish my DT layouts for NZ Scrapbooks.

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