Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chris's broken arm and a trip to the ZOO :)

Wednesday afternoon I was watching the end of Oprah whist finishing a latout when the phone rang. It was Chris. He said "Mum I've wasted my wrist, I'm in the White Cross A and E at Glenfield. Can you come cuz I don't know how to fill in the forms" (see even at 17 he does still need his mum).

Well, to cut a long story short he'd been "mucking around" with his mates, fallen and twisted his wrist. The x-ray showed a very nasty scaphoid fracture. Poor Chris, he's in plaster for a minimum of 6 weeks and is out of the wrestling nationals, the North Island athletics competition (he is triple jump champion) and the start of the soccer season. He is one unhappy camper I can tell you! Another unhappy camper was Sophie when Chris chose a black cast despite her whinging for him to get pink. She said that she would put glitter on it when he wasn't looking and write 'meanie' all over it LOL.

Yesterday, Easter friday was a beautiful sunny day so we got all the family (except Adam who is in Matarangi with his girlfriend and her family) and went to the zoo. We had been meaning to take Sophie for a long time. She was delighted by all the animals and we had a lovely day. Her favorites were the merecats, the sea-lions "going round and round and round in their water" and the monkeys. Oma and Opa really enjoyed watching Sophie experience all the new sights and sounds for the first time (that she can remember anyway). We are so lucky to have such awesome grandparents who are always keen to drop whatever they are doing and meet up with us and to enjoy their grand kids - thanks Truus and jacob, we LOVE you guys!

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