Monday, March 10, 2008

On Saturday i watched Chris play cricket with his social team. I was amazed at the skill of this kid. He is a great bowler and batted 4s and 6s for most of his innings. He's never played cricket before. It just seems that whatever sport he tries out he is a natural at. Don't know where he gets it from (certainly not me LOL). In the afternoon I took Natalie and Sophie to watch Chris play soccer for North Shores 1st team. They lost 3-2 but it was a good match and Chris was pleased with how he played.
In the evening nats and I watched "So you think you can Dance" and were amazed by the standard of the dancers. Totally stunning!
Sunday we woke bright and early to take Adam to hamilton for the United Soccer 1 match day. Chris had to work but the rest of us went down to support the team. Jaime for once didn't whinge too much about having to "waste his weekend watching Adam's boring soccer" because he got to drive a lot of the way. He is doing really well with his driving, but he is by nature very sensible and cautious.
Adams team won both their matches. Adam had a great day and scored a fantastic goal by crossing the ball in from the corner. The two girls had fun reading books in the sunshine. After the soccer we had just enough time to visit Hamilton Gardens for a picnic tea. Sophie and Natalie had bought their swimming togs so we sat in the 'American' garden and they paddled and swam in the fountain. it was such a hot day that we all wished that we could get into the fountain with them!

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