Monday, March 3, 2008

Bowling with Oma and Opa

Another weekend flown by. Chris spent Saturday on waiheki island with Holly and her family. he had a great time and visited this cool music museum where they got to try out some very old instruments! On sunday he worked and got his very first pay rise. He was so chuffed. Apparently Anita and Richard said that he was a great kid and had learned a lot since he started working for them. he's now on $11 / hr.
The rest of us met up with Oma and Opa at takapuna ten pin bowling. Adam brough his girlfriend Nicola along too. We had a really fun time. Jaime was the bowling champion setting a new Groen family record of 138 - he even managed to beat Opa (who claimed to be having a bad day :))
I completed a couple of LOs just for me - don't get to do that too often now with my Up2Scrap stuff and DT projects. In the photo above Jaime is taking a photo of the bowling scores cuz the alley printer was not working. He knew Chris wouldn't believe him without hard, cold proof!!

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