Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scrap time - and teenage overload!!!

Today I took a break from my taxi driving duties (the kids social lives require a permanent chauffeur during the school holidays!) to do a little scrapping. The first LO "Adore" I really love. I got the inspiration from a new winter T-shirt that I bought for my little daughter and I really went to town with the "rock chick" look. I stamped the white swirls in the background with my new basic Grey "swirlie" stamps (gosh, I LOVE them!) and embossed the pattern with white powder to make it 'pop' from the background. The second one portrays a series of photos of Sophie taken at Hamilton gardens last week. She picks flowers for me every day so i was delighted to capture this photo of her holding out her little hand with a daisy clutched between her fingers 'just for you mummy'. I love to scrap these special little moments that would otherwise be forgotten with the passage of time.
Back to reality, we seem to have had the house full of sleeping teenagers all week. Last night Jaime had Oliver to stay over and they got out an awesome movie 'the Butterfly Effect' which I ended up watching with them (talk about cramping their style!) then they played 'Halo' in Jaimes room till the wee small hours. Adam had to sleep in Natalies 'fairy infested' room cuz she was sleeping over at Alices. The night before Chris had Roger to stay (he is visiting from Whangarei) they went over to Toms to play poker then Tom came back to our place and all three of them crammed into Chris's tiny room to sleep. I honestly don't know how three big lads managed to fit in this tiny space. Tom (who is over 6 feet tall) slept on a bean bag in the corner! The joys of being young! I love that my kids feel comfortable enough to bring friends home to sleep whenever they like. At least then I know where they are and that they are safe. When I was a child I would never have been allowed to just decide on the spur of the moment to go to a friend house to stay the night and my mother would have had an anxiety attack if a friend had turned up without at least a months notice.

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