Monday, April 28, 2008

School Holidays - Hamilton daytrip and a sleepover party

The holidays are flying by. Natalie goes back today - for some reason her holidays were out of sync with everyone elses. The boys have another week. On Friday Chris had a soccer match with Westlakes 1st eleven in Hamilton. It was the first round of the Chatham Cup. Since it was Anzac day and Mark was on holiday too we decided to take a family outing. We had a lovely day. Chris played the best match that I have seen him play all season and scored 4 goals! The team won 6-1. Afterwards we went to Hamilton gardens and the weather was still warm enough for the girls to paddle and splash in the fountains. We had Burger King for dinner on the way home and, to Natalies relief, we were back home just in time to watch the semi-final of "So you think you can Dance". Incase anyone is wondering we wre routing for REECE (Go Reece!!). He is just so awesome (Jack is pretty darn cool too). Out of the girls Kate is our clear fav.

Here are some of the photos i took.

  1. Chris about to score a header
  2. Sophie fine tuning her dribbling skills
  3. Me and my eldest boys in Hamilton Gardens (Adam was away for the weekend with his girlfriend and her family)
  4. Sophie picking a flower for me
  5. Soph and Natalie splashing in the fountain

Last night Natalie had her friend Catriona for a sleepover. The two girls got a selection of extremely 'girlie' movies (to the boys disgust) and settled in to sleep in the lounge in front of the TV. All was quiet until Chris arrived home at 11pm with Holly. They had just found out that Chelsea (Chris's favourite soccer team) were playing and Hollys family don't have Sky sport. Well, Natalie and Catriona refused to switch rooms to watch their CD's because they had "gotten comfy" and Chris and Holly could only watch the match in our lounge because we don't have a Sky ariel on any of our other TVs. What to do ???? Well, Chris, ever the one to manipulate the situation in his favour got the girls to relocate to the family room. How did he do it"? He bribed them by offering them $10 each to spend at the mall in the morning. $20 to watch a soccer match!! Well he reckoned it was well worth it because Chelsea won 2-1!

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