Saturday, April 19, 2008

The silver lining

This photo cracks me up! Sophie was fooling around in the kitchen with Blue. She asked me to take a photo of her with the dog. I said "say cheese". Sophie gave me her cheesy 3-year old 'camera' smile and Blue turned to lick Sophie's ear. This is what I got. Who says dogs can't smile!

OK that was the silver lining of an otherwise cloudy week. Adams soccer coach and mentor Greg Hough lost his battle with cancer and his funeral was on Tuesday. He was only 49 and had young kids of his own. Adam was devastated. Mark took him and two of his friends to the funeral in Tauranga. The boys all dressed in their United Soccer 1 trascksuits and made a guard of honour. It was very moving but hard on Adam who has never lost anyone close to him before and who is such a sensitive person and who feels thing so deeply.

In the wake of Gregs death came the Elim College disaster. Six beautiful young people and their teacher swept away in a freak flood whilst on a school camp. This was the same camp that Chris went to in January. I hugged my kids a lot tighter that night. This could have been my child. None of us know how long we have left so we really do need to make the most of each moment that we spend together and tell our loved ones each and every day how much they mean to us and how very much they are loved. My heart goes out to the families of the precious young people who lost their lives on Wednesday.

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