Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy 14th Birthday adam

Yep, My 'baby boy' (how he hates it when I call him that te he) has turned 14. i know its cliche but I don't know where the years have gone to. I remember as though it were yesterday bringing him home from the hospital - 2hours after he was born (we chose early discharge) and spending the afternoon just gazing at him. In a blink of an eye he is turning 14. Adam I am so proud of you. You are a handsome, loving, hard-working young man. You are always so considerate of other peoples feelings and are sensitive and affectionate. You are almost as tall as dad and are definitely going to be the tallest of our boys. Today you weigh in at 59kg.

Well, Adam chose a bad day to have his birthday this year - it is exam week and he had maths and science exams to do. Still, were are always ones to make the best of a bad deal so we woke him early to have his chocolate crackle cake, blow out his candles and listen to us all serenade him with "happy birthday to you". We decided to leave the family present opening ceremony till dinner time. I made his favourite meal - roast beef marinaded in garlic and cracked pepper, served with roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings. Then it was on to the pressies. He had an x-box 360 game, 'Jackass' for PSP, Puma shoes, a watch, sports gear and other surprises. Chris and Jaime bought him a 'nike' backpack for school and Natalie saved her pocket money for 3 weeks (an amazing show of love for her!!) to buy him a $30 Hallensteins voucher. Oma and Opa came over for afternoon tea and gave him lots of hugs, 14 kisses and lots of money and he got a big cheque from Grandpa in England. Yep, he was thoroughly spoiled.

The day ended with chocolate birthday cake and yet another rendition of "happy Birthday to you". All in all it was a great day - and because this was the last day of exams at least Adam could relax and play his new game all evening! We are having a party for him at the weekend. he is inviting some of his mates to go night time lugeing then back to our place for pizza, games, movies and a sleep-over. Hmmm the prospect of another relaxing weekend!!

I received my brief from Up2Scrap yesterday and panicked! The first thing I have to do is a double page LO about the girls playing with their pets in the garden. OK that's fairly easy. It was the second challenge that threw me - i have to decorate the outside of a vinal 12 by 12 album to suit a mature man and his interests. I have no idea where to start! Wendy at Scrapbook NZ showed me an exquisite album that she has decorated using texture paste and luminiere paint (she is SOOOO clever) so I might have to make a bit of a mess (yuck) and give that a go. Whilst I was at the shop I picked up my design team assignment for this month - a lovely Kaiser craft clock for me to decorate. At least that one will be fun! Oh, and Scrapbooking memories commissioned me to do a 'Storybook' page for them. Now thats more like it - right down my alley!

Here are a couple of LOs that I completed this week. I love the photo of Sophie and Mark in the "daddys girl" LO. Camera house stuffed up and printed a 10 by 8 enlargement instead of a 5 by 7. I rarely scrap such large photos but i really enjoyed doing this one and I love the result. The 'Weekend of Dance' LO records Natalies Phoenix dance workshop. The photos were not great because cameras were not allowed into the actual workshop and the stage lighting at the final concert was poor. Still i wanted her to have a record of the fun weekend that we all had so i did my best! I actually quite like the finished result - though the central photo of natalie grinning like a cheshire cat when she was told that she had been chosen to dance up on stage in 'Funk' is pretty hideous. She was so surprised to get picked for this genre (as a little ballet girl) that she checked her number twice!

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