Monday, May 26, 2008

Party time

Adam had his party from Sat to Sun. He invited three of his friends to go night-time lugeing then back to our place for a sleep-over with movies and games. It was lots of fun. Adams friends were really great kids. Not sure they got much sleep though, we could hear giggling coming from the lounge where they were all 'sleeping' at 2am.

The boys all had soccer on Saturday. I watched both Jaimes matches this week. It was nice to see him playing on 15A1. He played really well in defence and the team was very good. They won their match. In the afternoon Jaimes greenhithe team were playing Ranui (the champions). At half time they were winning 3-1 but eventually could only manage a 3-3 draw. Still, against a team that had been winning all its matches in double digits that was a great result and the boys played really well. Adam won both his school and club matches but Chris's first eleven team lost to MAGs 5-1. Chris scored the goal though.

I spent Sunday afternoon working on my album cover for the next edition of Up2Scrap. it had been giving me nightmares but when i sat down to do it I found that it came together really well and I am loving the final result. Whilst i was getting my weekly fix of 'Greys Anatomy' Mark entertained Sophie by playing 'dress ups' with her. I'm not sure who had the most fun. We had 'pirate' Sophie, 'rock star' Sophie, 'groovy Sophie', 'snow' Sophie, 'army girl' Sophie and many, many more. mark got into the swing too with lots of funny costumes. Sophie was hysterical with delight. Finally she came running into the lounge just dressed as herself and said "I'm mum-mum Sophie" and gave me the biggest cuddle. Ahhhh so cute!

'Pirate' daddy and 'Santa' Sophie

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