Saturday, July 5, 2008

Adam's off to Canberra for the Kanga cup

Well Adam's gone to Canberra with his school soccer squad to play in the Kanga cup. It very nearly didn't happen. as I was leaving the house I said to mark and adam - check you have your passport. 'The school collected them in and are giving them back at the airport' was the reply. We get to the airport and everyone is filling in boarding cards with their passports. Mr mcCarthy informs us that the kids had their passports returned to them after they were photocopied. Adams was sitting in our filing cupboard back in Greenhithe. Talk about panic. the flight left at 11.15 am and the time was 9.30am. Mark drove back to Greenhithe, picked up the passport and was back at the airport by 10.45 (without a speeding ticket!!, though we did get a parking ticket for leaving our car unattended on the airport forecourt). I waited with adam trying my hardest to bite back the 'I told you so' lecture that was on the tip of my tongue! He was really panicking and very upset. His fantastic teacher Mr Healey stayed with us and reassured Adam that in a couple of hours time they would be on the plane laughing about this and giving him stick for the rest of the trip. On the bright side I was so relieved to see them disappear through passport control on time that I didn't have time to get emotional at saying goodbye!

This week is round 6 of the 'So you think you can scrap' competition. Here is my entry for challenge 5. It didn't win me any points this week but I really LOVE it - especially the candid photo of Sophie sitting up in her bed wide awake at 10.30pm!

Natalie finished her run of Snow White and thoroughly enjoyed the week. She got a gorgeous bouquet of roses from Rodney hide for teaching him his dances for the show. Here are a couple of LOs that I did to commemorate the event. The photos from the show were really bad because the lighting was poor and no flash allowed. I printed them in 2 x 2 inch squares and made a border strip above and below the advertisement for the show. I also made a large pocket on the LO to incorporate the program, tickets etc.

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