Sunday, July 27, 2008

School holidays

Must be time for an update. The school holidays have flown by (as they always do). This time natalie had 3 weeks so last week we had fun doing some girlie stuff that the boys just wouldn't have appreciated. One of the highlights was a trip to 'Butterfly Creek". The girls loved the butterfly house but the highlight for both was 'Buttermilk farm". They cuddled, fed and stroked a wide variety of animals from Llamas to guineapigs. Sophie got chased by (very friendly) two donkeys and Natalie fell in love with the floppy-eared bunnies.

We rounded off the day with a ride on the train. Sophie insisted that we had to scream when we went through the tunnel and nearly deafened the other passengers in the carriage. So cute.

I have not had time to do much scrapping over the holidays but I finished my 'Scrap the Teenz' LO and managed to do a couple more projects for NZ Scrapbook. I managed to get another 2 LOs accepted for the Basic Grey online gallery and I was really excited to come 3rd in the 'So you think you can Scrap' competition. One project that I did just for me was a LO of Sophie's last swimming lesson. I think it is fair to say that she has loathed these lessons since we began last month. Over 4 weeks she has got progressively more and more upset each time she had to get into the water. This week she really lost it and I had to fish her out after only 5 mins of lesson time. I did manage to get some very cute photos first though! We have decided to give up on the swim classes until she is a bit older. Natalie and Adam hated swimming lessons too
when they were little and now they swim like fish so I'm sure Sophie will get there in the end.

The boys have been back at school for a week. Adam managed to buy himself a new ipod by selling a heap of old x-box games on trade-me. He is so proud of himself. Jaime and Adam played their first soccer game of the new term yesterday - despite the raging storm.

We were amazed that it wasn't cancelled. Jaime was so cold after the game that his lips were blue. Even a hot shower and a steaming mug of hot chocolate didn't completely thaw him out!

Natalie auditioned for a main part in the L'Academy de Danse end of year concert yesterday. She got through to the final group for selection and we will find out later in the week if she has been successful. She also has her Intermediate Foundation ballet exam coming up soon (aug 11th) so she has been having a few extra private lessons with Mrs Burkitt her teacher.

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