Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Showcase dance competition

Natalie dressed in her costume for her lyrical dance (above); Catriona putting on Natalies 'Swan' make-up for her ballet solo.
Adams team lost the final of the Kanga cup to Adelaide's academy team. all in all though, they were pleased with their silver medals and we are ecstatic to have Adam home again with us. Sophie has followed him round like a little shadow for the last few days. I couldn't make the airport to meet him because Natalie was dancing in the Showcase Dance Competition in Auckland but Mark bought him out to the competition to see us. Natalie was backstage waiting to go onstage to do her 'Swan' solo when they arrived and Adam braved the flurry of girls backstage to give her the biggest 'good luck' hug. It was such a sweet moment.

As for the competition. It was Natalie's first ever and we were not quite sure what to expect. We arrived at 8.15 am to register and the final prize-giving was a 11pm. It was such a long day but in the end all the waiting paid off. Natalie danced her 'Swan' solo en pointe and a new lyrical solo that she only completed this week called 'Pinnochio'. Well, she absolutely rocked both performances and got a platinum gold award and first place trophy for the Swan and a gold award for the lyrical. She then went on to win the monetary prize for the highest scoring solo of the day and the overall 'pre-teen elite title' for the highest overall mark in the senior competition. To her delight she got over $100 in prize money - enough to buy the pink nintendo DS that she has been saving up her pocket money for! She has also qualified to compete for the National title in Brisbane next january.

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