Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chris passed his driving test too!!

Yep, we have two boys with restricted licences now. Chris is just itching to get a car, but he will have to wait a little longer. Mark and I thought that we would help him to get one for his 18th birthday in september. It would free up our time quite a lot too since he does such a lot of after school sports and other activitites which he will be able to drive himself to. Here are photos of his first solo drive to meet up with Johnny in Takapuna. (You can see why he wants a car of his own my Praevia doesn't give a teenage boy too much street cred!)

Yesterday I got these gorgeous photos of Natalie at the Showcase dance competition. I just LOVE the 'Swan' photo, she looks so beautiful. She loves the one of her leap cuz she "didn't know that she could jump that well". (She is the one on the left of the photo)

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