Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yikes - He's 7 months old!!

I know I've said it before and its a cliche but where does the time go to? Benji is officially in the second half of his first year. At the weekend we elebrated fathers day by going to the same restaurant (the Indian Summer) where we told the family that I was expecting Benji exactly a year ago. I remember every detail of that evening as though it were yesterday. I remember thinking that this time next year we would have a baby with us sleeping in a car seat under the table - and thats exactly what it was like - apart from the sleeping in carseat bit. Benji had a ball being passed from person to person around the table. He got very vocal towards the end of the evening but fortunately the other people in the restaurant were baby lovers and thought that he was cute!

Benji has been giving me lots to scrap about. He is now sitting by himself - albeit a bit wobbly, and we found his first tiny teeth peeping through his gums a few days ago so his days of gummy grins are numbered. I have completed a few pages of him and his grandpa. I feel so blessed to have dad in our loves again. there was a time when I wondered if dad would ever get to meet his tinyest grandson. The two of them are so good for each other. Benji adores grandpa and dad seems to be comforted by holding Ben. On Sunday we all went to watch Natalie dance at her last Corelli concert and I got some priceless photos of the three generations together.

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