Saturday, October 3, 2009

Driving tests and Birthdays

We have been busy round here (so whats new!). Its birthday season and 4 of our kids have birthdays within a month. Chris turned 19 on Wednesday - makes me feel so old. He's not much younger than I was when I had him!! We went to Daikoku with family and friends to celebrate. As always we had a blast and the food was excellent. Chris wanted mainly cash for his birthday but we got him some small pressies too. The main one was a fress shirt from Barkers which he wore on the night and looked gorgeous in.

Natalie is 13 today. My little girl is a teenager. She has been thoroughly spoiled with a trip to Wellington for the wearable arts show, then today she and I are going to see to Mama Mia. She doesn;t know yet so it will be a real surprise.

Jaime is now on a FULL licence. He passed his driving test at Orewa last Tuesday. He is so pleased! So now he has his 'new' white corolla and a full licence. What more can an almost 17 year old want?

I have been doing some LOs for NZ Scrapbook. A lot of them feature my dad since we have not seen him for 5 yeqars and I am really grateful to have him nearby and in my childrens lives again. seeing them together brings tars to my eyes

On a not so good note poor little benji has been really sick. he came down with a croup virus and then developped bronchiolitis. I got very little sleep for a few nights and we almost ended up in the Starship. Luckily he is now fully recovered and I did the LO 'Under the Weather' to remind me not to take his good health and happy smiles for granted!

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