Friday, November 6, 2009

milestones galore

Life has been so hectic round here. Sophie turned 5 last week and celebrated with a family birthday, a lovely party at her kindy and a trip to Rainbows End. She loved all the attention and ofcourse her presents which included a kids camera a new 'big girl' scooter, a cup-cake maker and lots more., Here she is blowing out her candles on her 'puffy' cake.
Benjamin has been racing through the milestones. He is crawling around commando style very efficiently, he has started solids - a little late because of his allergies and eczema - and loathes all lumps and tastes other than 'milky and bland'. He holds up his arms to be picked up and says 'mumma'. Just a few days ago he pulled himself up to standing on the toybox and stood there with this enormous grin of triumph on his face. Each milestone is met with a mixture of pride and sadnessfrom me - I love to watch his pride in his achievements but so don't want my last baby to grow up too quickly.
Anyway, above are a few LOs that I have put together to commemorate some of these magical moments. The first two were done for NZ Scrapbook using the gorgeous 7 gypsies papers and embellishments. I can't believe how tiny Benji was snuggled in Sophies arms at a few days old!!


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