Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holiday news

These are just a selection of my favourite shots from our holiday in Omapere and Kerikeri (there are many many more lol). I would like to say that they were all taken with my new Canon DSLR but sadly on the very first night of our holiday our motel room was broken into whilst we slept and my brand new camera was stolen along with my sons PSP and three cell phones. The boys were quite shocked to think that they had slet whilst someone was rummaging through the room and I was pretty gutted as I had saved up for a very long time for the camera, but I'm determined not to let these low lives ruin our holiday. No one was hurt, all the stuff can be replaced and luckily I had my little point and shoot camera with me so I could continue to capture the memories - if not in quite such a stylish manner.
Apart from the theft of our stuff the holiday has been amazing. the weather is perfect and it is so nice to all be together as a family away from our everyday lives. Now that the boys are grown up and are busy with their own lives these times when we are together as a family are even more precious. I do feel sad to think that this may be one of the last times that we are away together, just us, our family unit. After all Chris turned 20 this year.
All these photos hold special memories. The one of Benji on the stone steps at Kerikeri is probably my overall favourite photo - it captures perfectly the little man that he is right now, and I just love the way he is sitting and those huge Thomas shoes which are 2 sizes too big but he insists on wearing EVERY day, rain or shine! The group photos of all my kids together are precious - it is so rare to have them all together in the same place.
Hope that everyone is enjoying summer as much as we are :)


Mrs Frizz said...

They are definitely low-lifes ... absolutely disgusting!!!! [and some] and I am being SO polite.

Totally fab-u-lous family photos - special memories to cherish.

Ann said...

Oh No!!!
How awful that those low life's had to go and spoil things for you.

So sorry to hear that you and your family had to deal with that while on holiday.

Your pics are gorgous by the way :-)

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