Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our little Artist

Benli had so much fun with the paints the other day. I have not really done any painting with him before but the weather was so awful and Sophie was painting her canvas that she had for Xmas. He loved putting dollops of paint (predominently yellow) onto his brush and very carefully rubbing it into the paper. The sketch at 'Stuck' for January 1st is a multi photo sketch which was perfect for what I had in mind for these photos. I went to town with the yellow paint in the background and added a little teal for contrast. Finally i dribbled some grey ink over the paint and let it run down the page.
I grounded my photos with a few strips of OA "Farmhouse' paper and completed the page with a few clusters of flowers, tags and words and a sticker title. I think that the finished effect complements that cheeky grin just perfectly!

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Vicky Varvadouka said...

So easy & simple and yet so impressive!!! I love the outcome and how you combined and played with the colors!!! Great job!

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