Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hello from London!!!

Check out just a few of the adventures that we have had. We arrived in London two days ago from San Francisco (which is one of the most awesome citys I have ever visited!!!). We have done so much in two days! Some of the highlights were a visit to the new Harry Potter Studios, climbing the dome of St Pauls, visiting the Tower of London, hanging out at Covent Garden and buying too much at the Royal ballet Store, seeing the Olympic Rings on Tower Bridge, Riding the London eye and much more!
I am taking so many photos that I think I will be scrapping them for ever!!! I am loving doing a few pages in my travel SMASH book each evening and I will share them with you when I get home. Hope you are all having a great weekend
Bye for now :)))


Lizzy Hill said...

Enjoy every precious minute! These pics bring back such memories....glad you enjoyed the USA as well...looks like good ole Blighty has not tooo bad weather!!!!!

just Els .... said...

Hi darling family... just looking at your blog... Janet & I are sitting here saying Ah Ah you all look so happy , what a wonderful time you look like you are all having... missing you heaps .... love from us xx

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Wow! Looks amazing!!! :D

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