Friday, July 20, 2012

More Travel Pages - London this time :)

The hardest part about completing this album is chosing which photos to add! I have so many for each day. The Harry Potter World in London was one of our highlights. We all loves the movies and seeing all the sets and memorabilia was magic! Natalie and Sophie were entranced by all the exquisitely decorated telephone boxes in London and wanted to have a photo taken with each one that they encountered! The ones on my page are just a few of our favourites - I have a LOT more. One day I will do a page with all of them dispayed in a grid - type design....
The wiggly bridge is called the 'Bridge of Aspiration'. It connects the Royal Opera House with the Royal Ballet School. it is the dream of all young ballerinas to one day walk across that bridge and dance at the Royal Opera House. Sophie was enchanted by this story and now she tells everyone that one day she is going to become a famous ballerina and walk across the bridge of Aspiration - so cute!
In the meantime the girls spent up big at the Royal Ballet School shop!
One of Sophie's wishes for this trip was to see a real squirrel - hence the photo at the London Park. NNow I know to a lot of you out there a squirrel is nothing exciting, but we don't have squirrels at all in NZ so to our kids they are a huge novelty. This little guy was one of the highlights of Sophie's trip - although we did see many more in the carpark at Universal Studios in LA.
If you are travelling to Europe in Particular this International Smash book is perfect. The pictures and designs on the pages are all very European in flavour - I was very happy to get to the red phone box page whilst we were in London! I tried to leave a lot of the designs that I liked and were relevant to my pages uncovered by photos and memorabilia.They make good 'in-between' pages and are a welcome break from the many busy collage pages.
Thats all for today - lots more to come though :)


Anonymous said...

Marvelous photos and it all looks very vibrant on the page.

Lizzy Hill said...

Just FAB...I'm being a real sticky beak as we've been to lots of the same places, so it's really interesting to me!!! Have a photo taken IN THE SAME SPOT with Tower Bridge behind!!!

iffatali said...

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