Thursday, July 19, 2012

More pages from my Holiday Smash book

I hope these aren't too boring to wade through but I really love how my Smash Travel book is turning out. I did most of the scrapping whilst on holiday (I got up a hour earlier than everyone else to do my page) and now I am printing out the photos and adding the finishing touches. I may add a few more tags to the photo collages but I kind of like the way they look just as they are. I think the lack of embellishments focuses the attention on the photos (plus my book is getting mighty thick and I'm not sure it can accomodate too much more dimension lol).
These pages are all my San Francisco memories. I used Studio Calico and Kaisercraft travel papers and memorablila to co-ordinate with the 'Smash' products. I am really glad that I didn't print out my photos whilst traveling because I can print a much bigger variety of sizes at home. I have added lots of packets for my memorabilia and have incorporated tickets, receipts etc into the page designs.
Thanks for looking :)))


Lizzy Hill said...

Hey Sara - they're looking really great...I LOVE how you've used different sizes...just did you know what room to leave? And where to put your journaling...we're off to Europe in October & I thought I might have done this much stuff did you take? We usually travel cabin luggage only. SOrry to pick your brain, but I LOVE this idea:):):)

Lizzy Hill said...

Thanks so much for that info - I think I'll try & do it, but maybe take a wee bit less....there's only 2 of us, after all. We're going for 6 weeks, though....I'll put a kit together. It makes it seem soooo much more simple & I LOVE the idea of photos that just 'go with' whatever you've already done!! Great info - I appreciate you sharing:):)
Saw Benji's li'l mini album in the latest SBM....soooo cute - it looked super:):):)

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