Monday, July 23, 2007


Well we got the last Harry Potter book at 11.05 on Sat. morning and spent most of the weekend reading it together. we still haven't managed to finish it yet, but its a cracker! Chris and Adam took a break for their soccer matches. Adams team beat Eastern Suberbs 2-0 but poor Chris had a bad weekend losing 8-0 to MAGs and 5-2 to Three Kings. He played well though and the girls had a wonderful time flying their little kite on the next field and playing in our little pop up tent. Jaime ofcourse is out of soccer for the next 6 weeks!
Sophie came out with a few extra cute things too. On saturday morning we were having our usual family cuddle in our bed. Sophie picked up the hot water bottle and announced that it was cold. I said "yes, all the hot has gone away over night" and she replied "perhaps its gone to have a lovely dinner!" A little while later she came upstairs to bring me coffee in bed with Mark. She had a warm bread roll in her hand. As she climbed onto the bed she asked me to hold her roll warning me to "be weally carefull cuz its weally, weally, hot". So. so cute.

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