Monday, July 30, 2007

30/7/07-potty training Sophie

Well the weekend passed in a blur of activity and POTTY TRAINING. Yes, princess Sophie feels that she is finally ready to tackle the big T. She has been very reluctant to give up those warm, cosy nappies, but with the help of a star chart she has cracked it. We told her that for eash time she used the toilet or potty she could put a stamp on her chart. 10 stamps meant $2 and a trip to the $2 store. Well she caught on straight away and by the end of the day had managed 12 wees on the toilet albeit some were little more than a couple of squeezed out drops. She is oh, so proud of herself. I never want to forget the look of absolute delight on her face and her excited little voice as she ran up the stairs on Sunday morning yelling "Mummy I got something weally weally exciting! I did a wee on the toiyet!' So, so cute.
The boys had a great weekend of soccer. Adams team beat ECB 5-1, Jaimes team beat Waitakere 8-0 (the radiology specialist decided that the 'fracture' on his humerus was just a growth plate so he was able to play this weekend) and Chris won 2-1 against Avondale College and 10-0 against Eastern Suberbs.
I got two more of my layouts accepted by Scrapbooking Memories "Paris" for the 'travel' gallery and "Dreaming of a perfect Summers Day" for the 'bird' gallery. I love getting those acceptance e-mails. They just make my day!

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