Monday, April 7, 2008

Dance, soccer and athletics

Another action packed weekend for the Groen clan. On Friday night Natalie had her dance and Drama evening at Corelli school. It was great to see her dancing her little heart out and having so much fun with her friends. She danced in 7 items including the cutest 'Pas de Trois' with Taylor and her boyfriend Sam.

(Natalie is the little one on the left - dont they look adorable?)

On Saturday Adams soccer team continued on their quest for a trip to Melbourne in the Manchester United challenge cup but unfortunately it was not to be. They lost the semi-final match 2-1. Since they are a year younger that all of the other teams they will get another chance at the cup next year. They did earn themselves the title of the "Best 14th grade team in NZ" though, which is not too bad eh.

Chris took part in the North Island athletics championship doing triple jump. Unfortunately he didnt jump well. His cast really slowed him down and affected his balance. He managed 11.95m which is a metre below his personal best. We were proud of him for taking part with a broken arm. Chris has such a great spirit. He never gives up, ever and he is always so philosophical when he doesn't do as well as he expected. I just LOVE that about him.

Yesterday afternoon we Natalie, Adam, Mark and I went along to the Greenhithe school fair. It was fun having a relaxing few hours together and meeting up with friends that we hadn't seen for a long time. Sophie loved the fairy grotto (where Natalie and her best friend Alice were helping out) and she adored the pony ride.

Nice to see that they still enjoy dressing up and make-believe even at 11!!

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